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Send a Letter to a Holocaust Survivor

Morris Rosen, Holocaust survivor and volunteer at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is honoring Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) this Thursday by honoring survivors of the Holocaust, including more than 90 survivors who volunteer at the museum.

Morris Rosen, one of these volunteers, says of his work, “I owe it to my fellow inmates from all the concentration camps where I was kept. They did not make it, but I did. And I want the world to remember them.”

You can honor these survivor volunteers too by visiting the museum’s website, where you can write a personal message of thanks to these brave souls who are doing the important work to ensure that we never forget.


Submitted by Jo Sequeira on
May the God of Israel bless you in a mighty way. Your sacrifice has been an example to the world of the power of God revealed in a human heart. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this time of remembering. As long as you keep sharing we shall NEVER FORGET. Bless You!

Submitted by Arlene Chase on
I cannot imagine the horrors that you went through. I am deeply grieved that you had to experience such atrocities! I want to express to you my deepest sorrow and sadness and send you my heartfelt love for you and all of God's chosen ones. God bless you, and God bless Israel!!

Submitted by Lindsey Baas on
I commemorate the wonderful things you do to keep the memories of those lost alive today! God bless you!

Submitted by pauline on
my heart brakes for what you went threw, i'm only 49 yrs old and it was alittle before my time but from the stores i have heard. I will never forget and as long as I have a voice I will not let others forget. God bless.

Submitted by Mary Streed on
My heart aches at the attrocities that were committed during the Holocaust! May we never forget and may we make sure this tragedy in history does not happen again. I am so thankful that you survived and I am so sorry for the cruelty that people are capable of. You are a hero in my eyes and I pray God will give you strength and peace for all of your days.

Submitted by Tracy Weader on
Thank you, Holocaust Survirors. May we never forget your sacrifices. G-d bless!!!!

Submitted by Susan Batty on
Thank you for the work you do, it not only honors all that did not survive, buhoarding all of you that did. Thank you for reminding us of this terrible history so that we never repeat the horror you survived. Your courage and determination is greatly admired and you are an inspiration.

Submitted by Carla Messer on
Because of survivors like you I have met and WWII vets I have met I have learned more from the first hand information. I pass it down to my son and nieces and nephew. We have learned so much more from the survivors than what we can learn from the history books and movies. Also I have learned that my dad's grandfather was Jewish and what he foresaw of what was to come. Family members that stayed behind didn't survive.

Submitted by Kaye Turner on
I pray that nothing like this ever happens again. But I want my grandchildren to know the suffering that you went through. May God send his blessings on you and your family. I continue to pray for you.

Submitted by Gina on
I woulds like to say,I will never foget the horror that your people have suffered. I can never begin to understand the pain you have lived through. I am happy you survived to tell the story and make the world aware of the damage just 1 sick mine can create, and how thier is no shortage of hurtful people willing to follow. Please know that I share what little I know with anyone willing to hear me. God Bless

Submitted by Lori Ray on
The ache in my heart is so overwhelming when I think of all that you have lived through in your lives. Thank you for sharing your stories with those of us who were not yet born. We must teach our children the truth about what really happened to the Jewish people. We must not be silent. For to be silent, is to be complacent.

Submitted by Annie Siler on
You are God's Chosen ones, The children of Abraham. I honor you. There are people today who say the holocaust never happend. History tells the truth. It was an abomination what was done to your people. I pray that every God fearing person would keep ourselves alert and in prayer that nothing like this can happen again. I will always stand by the Jewish people and thank God that He mad a way for the Gentiles to be adopted into this family of his people. God bless you and keep you and make his face to shine on you and give you peace.

Submitted by Lori Ray on
The ache in my heart is so overwhelming when I think of all that you have lived through in your lives. Thank you for sharing your stories with those of us who were not yet born. We must teach our children the truth about what really happened to the Jewish people. We must not be silent. For to be silent, is to be complacent.

Submitted by Patsy Allen on
I was 9 years old in America when the war ended in 1945. My mother and father told my sisters and brothers and I what was happening to the Jews in Europe. It was hard for us as young children to believe that there were people who could do this to other people. We were horrified, and our hearts were broken, and we cried and prayed for the Jews. My heart still breaks as I remember the holocaust. God bless you for your courage.

Submitted by The Bridge on
Thanks for all your inspiring comments. Please make sure you post these to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum site as well. You will find the link in the post above.

Submitted by Carol Biggs on
Hearing the stories of my high school classmates' parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles, personalized their daily trials of escaping the gestapo. Passover and Hanukkah observances in their homes was a very special time. I'll never forget the serial number on a mother's arm of one of my classmates. No one should ever again be required to endure any part of what you endured. I respect you and those in your families who died in captivity or of other atrocities of the time. You will never be forgot. God bless each of you. May you have a long life under freedom.

Submitted by Heather Plonski on
May G-d bless each and every one of you and comfort your hearts and souls ~ You are doing a great service for your people by being at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum ~ There are no words for how my heart breaks when I think of what was done to you, the Jewish people ~ But the word 'outrage' comes to mind ~ The Jews are G-d's chosen people which makes all of you so lovable to millions of us around the world ~ Each of you is in our hearts during Shoah and forevermore ~ Never Again.

Submitted by Suzie Nugent on
Praise the Lord for His provision and protection over your life. May the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob pour out His favor and blessing over you. Spiritual warfare will continue until the Messiah returns! Those that fear the Lord will be filled with the wisdom from above and will walk in His ways.

Submitted by Holly on
i am at a loss for words..... I spent today with you all on my mind. My grandfather had people who died in the Holocaust. In my eyes Jews are very kind hearted, quiet and gentle people. My grandfather was of Jewish descent and lost members of his family to this terrible tragedy. May the G-d of Israel bless and comfort you. This day has brought tears to my eyes many times.

Submitted by Leo H on
MY DEAR JEWS, I am awfully sorry. Very sad thinks hapen in Slovakian history. I canot change history. Even I would like to appologize you for attitudes presented at the present time. Aproach of Katolic Bishop Conference to Holocaust, it is scandalios. Thanks G-d for new wind, new ideas about relationships to Jews presented by new protestant movements. They are leading people to bless Jews, love them.

Submitted by marcia on
Hello: I can remember seeing the aurtocity film in Junior high. Many years ago. I couldn't watch it. I find it horrible to watch today. But the hope I see from the survivors reminds me of hope for myself in the problems in my life. How to keep going. And never give up. I love you all. God Bless You all my friends. I pray for the peace in Jerusalem!!!!

Submitted by Louise McConnell on
I am deeply sorry for the unimaginable horrors each of you and your people have had to suffer through. Man's inhumanity to man has never been more clearly displayed than it was during the Holocaust. We must never forget.. Your efforts to make sure people know the truth are admirable...may God continue to strengthen you in your mission. The Jewish people and the state of Israel are constantly in my prayers. May God bless you and keep you.

Submitted by paulette on
It is a miracle any of you survived I cannot think of anything so horrible as the holocaust.The horrors that went on are unspeakable I know I will never forget the holocaust I do not know how anyone could forget. God help you and Bless you always, Jews are God's chosen people Israel is God's place all of you are special, so very special.I send prayers and love.

Submitted by Zenaida Barro M... on
I like to thank G-d that you are here with us and the enemy is not! They can not hurt you anymore! I pray what happened to G-d's chosen never ever happens again! I know you have forgiven those that hurt you, but never forget because you survived for us (World) to learn and correct mistakes! I know you will always be honored and I wish I could hug you for being so brave and loving G-d so much! Love you always <3

Submitted by Karen on
All I know is that Yahshua saw it all and He loves you and cares what you all went through and He also knows what it means to suffer in ways that some of us have never had to, although I believe that time is coming for all of us on the earth that love the Father and His Son, Yahshua, the Yah Who Saves. He is coming back soon, after the Restoration of all things, and when we see His face, it will surely be worth it all. I love you all and pray for you much.

Submitted by Amanda Dubreuiel on
If I had one wish it would be to sit down and talk with someone who actually lived through this. I have always even through school had the upmost respect and desire to learn more about the jewish people. They are Gods chosen people and are to be held with the upmost respect. I would hope to think if I were alive during this time I would have went above and beyond to put an end to such brutality to any person or culture. My heart goes out to the Holocaust survivors and non.

Submitted by Dayshanez Toribio on
I cant imagine what you went through. I wrote a short poem for all the holocaust survivore. Holocaust fear and hate for the people who took the good memories away. Screams of terro, cries of sorrow,sleepless nights praying for a new tomorrow. Hungry orphaned children,mourning families, hopeful freedom fighters,vicious single minded men, lets not repeat these nightmares once again. Holocaust

Submitted by Diane Dombroski on
God bless you and the work you do. You honor the memory of those lost with the your daily efforts. May we never forget and may this terrible atrocity never repeat itself in history. I pray God keeps you well and gives you peace.

Submitted by donna on
God bless you, and what you been through, may the lord shine on you and bless israel


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