July 31, 2012 - 4:22 PM

Rabbi Eckstein on Our Presidential Hopefuls

Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein

Today Rabbi Eckstein shares his thoughts on Mitt Romney's visit to Israel and the upcoming U.S. presidential elections:

Can Mitt Romney be trusted to deliver the promises to Israel that he made this week? Can Israel put its existential fate into the hands of President Obama, who assures the Israelis America is committed to do whatever needs to be done to ensure that Iran does not get a nuclear bomb? Can we trust him in a second term to deliver?

I wonder about these things – am I the only one? It seems only fair to ask if our candidates will deliver on their promises. For instance, virtually every candidate for President over the past 20 years has called for the American embassy to finally be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. But then, after they win the election, they don't follow through.

All of this is to say that, frankly, I don't trust fully the pronouncements of any candidate - nor certainly would I rely on their promises and lofty declarations when our very survival is at stake. So what do you do? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


Submitted by Alan Rockman on
Rabbi Eckstein, I know where you're coming from. We expected these things from Reagan, from W., even from Clinton...and they haven't delivered, so I'm not so sanguine about Mitt even though he will probably have the most pro-Israel Secretary of State since Al Haig in John Bolton. Having said that, we KNOW what Obama is, we know about his proclivities towards the Palestinians and his animus towards Israel very well. We don't need another 4 years of that...you're a Rabbi and I don't want to say what I really think about him. We need a "chaver".

Submitted by Robert Widby on
Rabbi, as you can tell, the hearts of most Americans are with Israel. More importantly, Yawehs heart is with the Jews and He means what He says about never changing His mind about that. While it is a shame that no true Christian statesmen are in the race for president, that America has morphed into some less-than-trustworthy land led by undesirables, we look only to Jesus Christ for our trust and faith. And it is as it is prophecied. We must endure certain calamities until, in Gods time, which is not ours, that He brings the promised Kingdom.

Submitted by Sharmon on
Jesus is all you need. Trust me, he will deliver! At this point, God is controlling everything. He said that he will draw them to battle. He meant that! Beware of those who come in friendly disguise. We love you and praying for you. Keep the faith. Bro Hardaway

Submitted by ian on
i agree with all you say. it makes my heart heavy to see lip service chrisians in the race for our president. they truly don't believe the blessing or curse God promised for either blessing or cursing Israel. There are many deceived christians here in USA that do not know they have already been deceived by the devil. looking for a new church just last saturday the pastor called me " 1 of those" because i believe in the 7th day sabbath and not Sunday.

Submitted by Leah on
The blessing of all His sabbaths has not been revealed on a wide scale yet. Sometimes it is a lonely road following Yeshua, keeping Torah, and seeking fellowship in the mainstream Christian church.

Submitted by edward ryder on
I think a lot of times we put too much faith in men and less in the lord.i think most of the sentiment againgst president obama is seated in racism whether concious or unconcious.i dont think the man has any proclivities towards palestinians or israelis,i think what evryone wants is peace.we must be careful when we say palestinians because there are palestinian jews and palestinian arabs.yasar arafat was an egyptian by nationality,palestine is a name given by the romans.people came there from different countries both jews and arabs.isaac and ismael.the great Jehovah will establish israel as He

Submitted by stephanie wilson on
gwbush kept many promises, he got big pushback from the state dept. i believe he wanted to move it to jerusalem.

Submitted by Mateo Nader on
Well you know rabbi eckstein my name is mateo and i am 14 years old..... I believe in giving people 2chances lets say one day I became president and you needed my help to support israel I would do it without doubt because i love israel even though i am not a jew and I am part lebanese but that does not mean anything... everone is different Rabbi and I just belive and trusting someone not everyone but people who you think will make a change.... i most cerainly would if i was president.......

Submitted by lawjudg on
Today, Israel has one true powerful ally in the world and that is the United States of America. The problem is, how dependable is that ally to Israel? We have Socialists, Communists, Nazies, and anti-Semites not only in our population, but in our House and Senate and, of course, the White House is not a friend of Israel. It is a questionable alliance, with Israel on a tight rope in an attempt to survive with dignity and honor. There are enough Americans that support Israel in their fight for survival, if only there voice is heard and their votes count.

Submitted by Michael Logsdon on
I am just one of the multitude in our great popuation here in America that stand behind and for Isreal, their people and their government. It is, for the most part, we the Judeo-Christians who will never stand idly by and let Our Gods' chosen people suffer. We will do whatever is necessary to aid and assist in their needs. For me, my money and prayers are my strongest forms of support right now. Prayer is by far the strongest support we can give. Daniel prayed for 21 days until he was visited.

Submitted by Rich M on
When you say Judeo-Christians--are you saying Jews for Jesus or the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews? Just curious.

Susan Wilson's picture
Submitted by Susan Wilson on
Rabbi Eckstein, we face a choice: keep moving toward Socalism or return to the Constitution. Pres.Obama called the Constitution "just a piece of paper." His roots are deeply sunk in Islam, and the hatred of J.Wright. Gov. Romney is a God fearing man who wants to turn this country around. And a big part of that is standing by Israel. Every American should read "The Amateur" by Edward Klein. Every Israel loving Christian needs to loudly stand up & proclaim our love for Gods' Chosen People, as we are doing here. God Bless Israel and God Bless the USA!

Submitted by Evelyn Warren on
As a Christian, the fact that Mitt Romney served as a missionary in his youth encourages me. The Bible tells me that by their fruit I will know them. I would encourage every American, but especially every Christian and Jew to look closely at everyone who is or can be in a position to help or to harm Israel. President Obama has two books that he has written, The Audacity of Hope, and Dreams of My Father. I have read these books, and I would hope everyone else would read them. One good way to learn about someone is to read what they have to say, know their associations, and their history.

Submitted by SUZANNE SIEM RN on
I totally aggree with Evelyn. I really believe Mitt Romney has the Jewish Nation in his best interest. There is no doubt in my mind, now that the Election is over, the media demonized Mitt Romney. I also believe his missionary work as a young man should tell all of us that he loves God and Country. Obama has a background of questionable beliefs. He was deeply rooted in the muslim faith, I cant imagine he would turn away from those beliefs. We need to be cognisant of " a wolf in sheeps clothing." We shall see what the next few years will give us.

Submitted by Patricia Gonzalez on
Rabbi Eckstein, I applaud your wisdom. A man must first follow through with actions that confirm what he says, if not he cannot be trusted. Obama flip flops on Israel. The Bible declares that 'a double minded man is unstable in all his ways.' As for Mit Romney, he has not yet been proven, but I agree with you Rabbi, reserve your judgment until you see their actions. Let your trust be in God for the arm of flesh will fail you. God bless Shalom Patricia

Submitted by Raini Spatziani on
Alan Rockman could not have stated it better. May it be G-d's will that Mitt Romney win the election. Many Americans are waking up and plan to make sure that our leaders (at every level) are held accountable. Does anyone know the heartwarming story of Richard Nixon with regard to his hand in saving Israel during Gold Meir's reign as Prime Minister?

Submitted by Juanita L.Phillips on
I'm sorry I do not trust President Obama when it comes to protecting Israel,actions speak louder than words ,and look at how he put in power the Al-Qaeda in Libya and opened a door for them to kill our best warriors there,when he took away the security to make sure they would be killed ,it does appear he is not trust worthy at all to us in American's ,where is his love for us? I believe President Obama is a danger . Will you Pray Please! I know our people do believe he is a great President but actions speak louder than words. Juanita , Love and Prayers

Submitted by SUZANNE SIEM RN on
Amen to Juanita Phillips, in "I'm sorry I do no trust" I also believe Obama is a huge danger, and does not have Israel in his best interest. It all political retorect. I hope Mitt Romney gives it one more time to help get this country on the road to success. But we will have to pray that God will touch his heart. People say he only has the rich in mind and plan to make the rich, richer. There is nothing wrong about being a successful person. I am a retired RN living on social security which is not much. But I am not envious on the wealthy.

Submitted by Mary Miskanis on
Dearest Rabbi I have faith in what God has prepared for us. I only want to say this on the subject of American Politics as I have seen so many bad terrible things coming out of people whom would rather starve the poor.. abandon the sick and wage and divide what was once a strong middle class. I say that the ones that want to HURT this country and take away things necessary for the survival of the people in this country like the GOP have done.. should not be given the Blessings of God's People. As God's People we have an obligation to God to take care of what is his..

Submitted by patricia on
Dear Mary, Israel has always taken care of its people as best that it can, with G-d's help. It is not historically correct to distrust every friend or wise. I would suggest that we say to Mitt, You have made many promises, now, that you are president we expect and pray that your will keep your word and fulfill them in all areas that the president has power to do so. To be so pessimistic is not always wise nor does it exhibit a faith in what the Almighty will do.

Submitted by Joyce on
Christains realize that the Jews are God's chosen people and he will stand by them, as will Mitt Romney. Obama tallks out of both sides of his mouth about Israel because he knows if he stated his true feelings he would lose the support of the American Jews.

Submitted by John Hinzman on
You must remove the blinders from your eyes...... What is in the name of a man? God says, His destiny. BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA. This is a MUSLIM name!! Listen to the cursings on America from Pastor Jeremiah Wright on YouTube. Obama sat under these rantings for 20 plus years - as a member of Wright's church. "Screaming God damn America !!!" WHY WOULD YOU STAY IN A CHURCH FOR 20 PLUS YEARS IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH THE EXACT SAME IDEOLOGY. Please wake up and see the plain truth.

Submitted by Rev. Kenneth Osborn on
As a life long conservative I can say that I have never tried to starve a single person. In fact I have done just the opposite. I believe you missed the point of Rabbi's question. We currently have people in office that have gained millions and have given nothing to the poor or the starving, and they do not belong to the GOP nor to the family of G-d it would appear. Yeshua said it very clearly, we will be known by our fruits.

Submitted by JP on
Many conservative Evangelicals believe that the present GOP has abandoned the mandate of the Bible to uphold justice and mercy as a matter of national public policy. Aside from a few token conservative issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage, the party has become the representative of American Big Business in US politics. It has become a party whose main objective is the protection of big business interests to the detriment of the majority of the American public.

Submitted by Maggie Buckley on
Quite right, Rabbi Eckstein. To use a quaint American phrase, you don't bet the [family] farm on it [on anything, for that matter, since it is too precious to lose]! Israel's very existential survival depends foremost on Israel, not promises made by even friends. However, one can keep note of whether friends keep their promises or not, and then choose how to value that relationship over time. I pray Gov.

Submitted by Michael Louis A... on
I definitely can see your point, and I agree with you about the truth of past Presidents and their actual "actions". But of course there are way too many "actions" that have been taken and are continuing to be done by our extremely un-American President who is now in Office, that make this a no brainer in every regard, and Mitt Romney is an actively engaged friend and advocate with the State and welfare of our best and most important Allie in the World today, that being Israel.

Submitted by brenda johnson on
i agree somewhat on somewaht you say.. its true the embassy should be be to jerusalem... if israel doen't defend itsself.. then who will?? what country would not not defend its people.. only the countries, that wish to annilate its own people.israel has always been surrounded by its enemies.. front, rear, side...yet with courage and love for the people and nation, and God it has prevailed...always has and always will.

Submitted by Bonnie on
Romney is a man who is exceedingly more trustworthy than Obama. I would trust him more than Obama to do what he says he will do.


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