April 23, 2014 - 4:42 PM

Jerusalem's American Colony Hotel Unveils Its Archives


From an Ottoman mansion to a Christian commune to the Jerusalem landmark that it is today, the American Colony Hotel has a rich and varied history. Writing for The Times of Israel, Jessica Steinberg tells the building's story - as one of the Holy City's architectural treasures, as well as the place where a beloved Christian hymn was written - and reports on the unveiling of the hotel's archives:

Placed in a restored anteroom of the hotel’s pink-stoned building known as the Palm House, the archives are a quiet, serene space. They also contain only a fraction of the tens of thousands of photographs and documents found in the American Colony’s attics and storage rooms ...

An additional 17,000 pieces are now part of the Library of Congress, completing a collection that is “very important to the library" ...


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