March 21, 2012 - 4:11 PM

Jerusalem Mourns


On Wednesday the four Jews who were murdered in Toulouse on Monday were buried at Jerusalem’s Givat Shaul cemetery. Rabbi Jonathan Sandler, 30, his 3-year-old and 6-year-old sons Gabriel and Arieh, and 8-year-old Myriam Monsonego, daughter of school headmaster Rabbi Yaacov Monsonego, were laid to rest in the presence of thousands of people. All four victims held joint French and Israeli nationality.

French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe came especially from France to attend the funeral. He said, "The murder shocked all the people of France. Your grief, your pain is ours too. All of France is in shock." Juppe added that France will fight anti-Semitism and said that the 65 million French citizens will not tolerate any attack on Jews.

This tragic event calls to mind Proverbs 14:32, "Even in death the righteous have a refuge." We weep with the mourners in Jerusalem, and we pray for God's comfort for the family and friends of those now laid to rest.


Submitted by Mary Anne James on
GOD bless Israel, God grant Peace for Israel, God be with Israel.. Israel is forever! GOD comfort the families, friends and nations of these now laid to rest....

Submitted by Julie Ledbettter on
May God comfort the families of those laid to rest, I pray protection for every Jew in the area of this tragedy. Lord, protect your jewish people, go before them and fight the battles facing them no matter what their enemies come against them with. Let their enemies know the Lord Jehovah is with them to protect and fight their battles for them, in Jesus name. Amen.

Submitted by donna schuler on
I stand with the word of God the inspired word, the intire intent of the bible which stands for the Jews and gentiles alike, Jesus Christ died for us all united in the Father and all that believe, stand strong and are hurting for this unjustice, We know we where forwarned off this to come and that like our Lord and Saviour, we too would face persecusion, it might seem easy for me in america to stand strong, but it is trying for like the rest we too are being prosecuted in belief and in faith and so many saying "co exist, I tell ya in truth, I want to strangle them!, they like of this world have so become acclimated to how this world yeilds to every desire that I am so sickened, I want so to vomit into their face and ways, yet our Father tell us, to hold strong, be still and know that He is God, that's what I am doing, yet still following another command go, make followers and spread the Good news! are ya all doing that? I pray for I know I am not alone!, I'm going forward regardless of what is against my God, for I am with my creator,, I'm standing strong and till the end, even if it results in death, for I have eternal life!

Submitted by Susie Helgerson on
the Lord said to Abraham, "I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you" This is a horrible tragedy for those of us who love the Lord, but God makes promises He keeps. He doesn't change. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. The Lord will bless us and keep us, and those four young people will be with Him for all eternity. I believe we are on a joiner away from home, and all who believe in Our Lord, Jesus Christ will be with Him for all eternity. The Bible says in this world we will be persecuted, but be of good cheer "for I have overcome the world". Lord, bless and keep your children. We know that we will have trials and tribulations, but You have triumphed over all. Thank You Lord for your promises. Holy be Thy Name!!!!! Amen

Submitted by Joseph Barnett on
Miss Susie who is the LORD JESUS CHRIST to the JEWISH faith? Thanks Joseph

Submitted by Helen Jones on
I agree with your questions and comments but reminde yourself to love your enemies and be sons and daughters of GOD! We have a command from our KING, YAHSHUA. Love you!!! It is good to know others are struggling like me but I must say, GOD is using me to change so I can help others to see what has infiltrated so many christian thoughts. We must open our mouth and tell or it will be on our head for not correcting in love. AND I MEAN CHRIST love! Hang in there, sister! GOD bless you!

Submitted by PHILIPPINE EDIT... on
Bless you Donna Schuler ! For standing with Israel . For caring for the people of Israel. Jews Christians and others that want to live peacefully together in the Holy Land. May GOD bless you with a long and healthy life !!

Submitted by JoAnn Dolberg on

Submitted by Carol Toth on

Submitted by [email protected] on
Please do not transliterate the Tetragrammaton. Please write Adonai or LORD. Thanks.

Submitted by JoAnn Dolberg on
I know you mean no harm by your comment, but the titles by which one addresses the Almighty are in large part, dependent on how the person has been taught. No disrespect is intended at all, and the person's intent is the key ... heartfelt sympathy to all who are involved in this horror. Much love to Israel from supporters all over the world.

Submitted by Anne Roper on
My heartfelt prayers go out to the families and the Jewish communities in both Toulouse and Jerusalem....know that this Catholic Christian deeply treasures the roots of my faith and honors our Jewish legacy...thus your loss is ours too....may God grant you comfort and solace...

Submitted by Jennie Barron on
We mourn the loss of the children, and the Rabbi. Any innocent killed in these conflicts are not part of any terrorist organization and it is with a sincerely broken heart that we mourn these people. They were God's children, too. The lives of their families are forever scared by senseless people who care not for peace or love for one another. I am so sorry that this has happened, this horror that is upon us all! God bless Israel! God bless ALL of God's children, young and old. My heart just breaks for all people who have suffered in these senseless murders. God bless Israel and bring her back to His peace forever!

Submitted by jeb stuart on
The victims should be remembered and rest in peace. Nothing can justify the insanity of tis insane young man now dead for the crime of his hatred. That he claimed Islamic affilations and inspiration need be denounced by the Iams but I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for a Fatwa demanding sanity and ridding themselves of hate.

Submitted by Carlos Angulo on
It is never good to hear when children are harmed. Fortunately the murderer was taken out and he won't harm anyone from now on

Submitted by Glenda Teter on
Why do they hate? I's beyond our comprehintion. I feel so saddened, my heart breaks at the thought of an innocent childs life, rather they be Jew or Gentile. The radicals children were not born the way they are, they were trained to be cold blooded murders. I believe that is why God Jehovah had them kill down to the infants in the Israelites Battles in the Bibles. When I was unskilled and unlearned, I did not understand that, but as I am a student of The Holy Bible, I understand WHY now, because he knew the parents would train them up to be vicious killers themselves. This is so horrible & vile and abomidable, but true. As You see & Look around today, God sais:So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things KNOW that it is NEAR EVEN AT THE DOOR!.. I see Prophecy being fulfilled & accelerated in such a high rate of speed, we CANNOT be here much longer. The Trumpet is about to sound & say: COME UP HITHER Amen. I'm Ready. My personal openion, there will be no other president but Obama, he is one of the main leaders and forerunners to usher in Lucifer and set the stage and ALL the players (Nations) are lining up like God Jehovah said they would, for that Wickedness (Lawlessness One) be revealed, 2Thes.2:8. Time will tell for sure. God Bless You Brother.

Submitted by Deloris Capps on
Glenda, I too have always felt from the beginning that Obama has planned Never to leave office. How will he accomplish this? Perhaps by creating some state of emergency, disarming the public and weakening our military. Sound familiar with recent media agendas?

Submitted by Shira Israel-Levin on
My heart aches for those left behind. May HaShem comfort those who mourn. Shira

Submitted by Diane Butler on
I keep Israel in my prayers especially for the families i love you Israel love all the jewish people it is so heartbreaking to hear about such hatred towards the jewish people they are the apple of His eye. Israel is forever and forever until Yeshua comes back again! Love in Christ, Diane

Submitted by R.M.SINGH on
The killings of the four Jewish people in France recently, stunned me. I am heart broken at this senseless terrorist act. Thank God for the great work by the French Security Services. Kinda reminds me, of our own female heroine in Texas, Sgt. Kim Munley, who single-handedly, took down that moslem lunatic, Dr. Nidal Malik Hasan after he shot & killed 13 Americans, and wounded 31 others at Ft Hood, Texas. I call on all God abiding people to prey for Israel, and all the Jewish people.

Submitted by Lilian Kimani on
The loss of a loved one in death is so painful. I pray that God, who is the God of all comforts will comfort Relatives, friends, Israel citizens and those of us that are friends of Israel, God's chosen people, at this time of grief. Your loss is our loss. I pray for God's protection upon all Israelites wherever they are in Jesus Name. Amen.

Submitted by Michael on
God Bless you all! May God always watch over you and may He protect Israel from all those who are her enemies.

Submitted by Barbara Rice on
My heart and prayers are with the families, and with the people of Israel and France. Our world is hurting. May God's mighty hand of protection cover His children and keep them constantly in His care.

Submitted by Doreen on
May God wipe every tear from your eyes and give the victims eternal peace in Heaven. May God bless Israel & the families of the victims. I can't imagine enduring the pain they are experiencing. Even though words do not give much comfort please know that God will not forsake you and has a perfect plan. God will not let the evil ones get away with these murders. Know I am praying for you!

Submitted by Gary Freeman on
When I heard this news I was outraged then saddened. We who love God, Israel and His people are sick each time a deliberate sin is commited against this country and its people. My goodness, the land is just a sliver of territory that God has promised the Hebrew people and they have not taken possession of all that was promised. So why such hatred? I personally can not fathom it. I am so sorry for such hatred and pray for the peace of Isreal and its people. בטחו bitachon.

Submitted by Laurie on
Very sad! prayers are for the families and for Israel and all Jews everwhere...I am currently reading Walid Shoebat's book God's War On Terror and what an eye opener...chilling...Islam is such a threat to all 'people of the Book'...I fear such senseless tragedies may be on the rise in near future...may God help us all!

Submitted by John Abraham Israel on
May the Lord God of Israel,Yashua comfort the families,friends and children.

Submitted by otto on
Islam people never be our friend in this world. Mohammad was a Monster for killing Jews and Christians forever.

Submitted by glen teason on
God Bless Israel and God comfort the families of those who lost loved ones. God protect Israel and all people in Israel, from all who seek to do them harm.

Submitted by Deborah Robertson on
I am heartsick over this unnecessary tragedy. God bless the families of these innocent souls. Also to the families of the 3 soldiers who were gunned down by this maniac. Although I was raised a Christan, my mother's mother was raised in a jewish family that immigrated to the USA from Russia in 1896 in order to escape anti-semitism. After arriving at Ellis Island they settled in Baltimore, Md. 18 years later my great-grandmother was sitting on her front porch with my grandmother and her younger brother. My great-grandmother was shot in the head. Sarah (Goldberg) Landsman was dead. Killed not because she was Jewish, but because she there when a gunmen shot at someone else and missed. She left behind her husband and 9 children. My church is starting mission trips to Jerusalem this spring. I believe 3 are scheduled in 2012. I pray that in 2013, I'll have the finances to travel to my ancestors homeland and see her amazing beauty. I was laughed at for ending my prayer at dinner, at a friends house, with God bless the United States of America and God Bless Israel. I've never been invited back. In solidarity. SHALOM!!!!

Submitted by Pauline Logan on
Thank you to French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe and to the French people, for mourning with Israel and for taking a firm stand against anti-Semitism.AEaiG

Submitted by Jacqueline Hines on
God Bless Israel on this sad occasion. I pray for Israelis everywhere in the world.

Submitted by Barbara Burris on
My heart yearn for the day when JESUS come again for His people. I have a book title THE GOLDEN ERA, the prophetic word of GOD slod at Barnes & Noble, Googles and Be at rest for they are in GOD'S hands. I bless Israel and support them.

Submitted by kay beck on
i too was devasted to see such cold blooded murder on the streets. i went from mourning to sheer outrage i am tired of Jews being blamed for all the ills in the world .a man of 30 couldn't have made the world such a bad place and the children didn't get a chance to make the world a good or bad place. I hope that they all have found refuge in the arms of G-d and He will be their shepherd and King forever in a place of rest Ps 23.

Submitted by Charles Brumleve on
I am surprised the the UN stood by and did not condemn this type of terrorism.

Submitted by Ruthie Smith on
This is Heart Breaking, I pray for the Families, God will welcome them into Heaven.

Submitted by Solms Coutinho on
Shalom Israel.These acts of murder can not and will not be tolerated.Muslims will not,can not be our friends,their belief will never tolerate Christians or Jews,we are infidels.Our immigration laws have to be changed to exclude Muslems. Europe is already paying a steep price. Solms Coutinho

Submitted by Solms Coutinho on
Christians and Jews are despised by Muslims as Infidels. God bless Israel,we must stand together against Islam,Our God is the same God.Allah is the Moon God. Solms Coutinho

Submitted by Kahna Emery on
I am so sorry- my condolences to the friends and family. I pray for God to comfort you.

Submitted by Brenda Campbell on
The Bible teaches us to mourn with those who mourn. Matthew 5:10-12 also teaches us "10Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. 11Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake. 12Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you."

Submitted by Marilyn on
My heart goes out to the families of those who were killed, as tho my own family member's were so vicious taken from me. When ever Jewish people are hurt or killed, it is the same as tho their of my Family, my Brother's & or Sister's. Praise our G-d for His protection in the end of time, we will all be together in heaven with those who love the Lord. What a Day of Celebration that will be. Marilyn C

Submitted by margaret cook on
it is with great sadness to hear such tragic news our love and prayers are with the families and the people of Israel2

Submitted by Angela Banda Chatupa on
The Lord will comfort His people, let the Jews depend on God now and forever more and all those against Israel shall be put to shame. Peace on Israel.


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