March 30, 2012 - 10:14 AM

Dedicating Our Office to God


During the recent dedication ceremony of The Fellowship’s new administrative offices in Chicago, Rabbi Eckstein spoke about the Jewish tradition of placing a mezuzah on the doorpost of a home or office. Listen in as he explains the significance of this tradition – and how it relates to the upcoming holiday of Passover.


Submitted by Anita Davis on
Praise the Lord! I knew there was more to placing the mezuzah on the door post than superstition! This clip filled in all the missing pieces, and explains why I feel so secure, in my home. It is dedicated to Jehovah God, Who lives here with me (by Holy Spirit, Who dwells within me) and His angels are an impenitrable wall of protection around me! And the evil one cannot come close to me...

Submitted by Terri on
It has been three years now since I was in Israel ~ while there I did purchase a mezuzah. It is proudly mounted by our front door. Many have asked about it ~ it opens the door to the opportunity to share Jesus and my love for and desire to return to Israel one day. Shalom.

Submitted by Dale on
I love helping the Jews through you. Keep up God's work for his people. God bless you. Praying for you.

Submitted by Marite on
Passover is closely related to Jesus' death as the passover lamb. I'm so blessed with your daily devotionals as I now am able to understand Jesus as a Jew. Baruch Ata Adonai Eloheinu Melech Ha'olam! God bless you! I stand and pray for the peace of Jerusalem and all Israel!

Submitted by Paula Calvert on
well said

Submitted by Dorian Pinnock on
Greetings in the name of Jesus. I have become touch and inspired by your love and dedication to the fulfillment of God's words. How may I receive a mezuzah to invite the dwelling of God in my home.

Submitted by Bill Valin on
Praise God for our Jewish brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus! I will soon become a regular contributor to Rabbis' ministry in his help of the Jewish people wherever they may be. God Bless Rabbi and his efforts. Shalom

Submitted by Legeta Hammond on
Peace be upon you all, AMEN! LOVE THE LORD G-D JEHOVAH AND BLESSED IS HE THAT DOES THE WORK OF THE Lord! In Jesus name Amen.Blessings to all and to Rabbi E. in Jesus name Amen.

Submitted by Michelle on
I just discovered that I am Jewish on Shabbat 2.18.12 and I am currently in the process of purchasing a home. As you can imagine, I am learning more about my Jewish roots and now that you have explained the traidition of the Mezuzah, I cannot wait to place it on my doorpost and have a blessed ceremony for the Lord's continued dwelling in my house! Thanks Rabbi for explaining it so eloquently! Blessings!

Submitted by Rosia Morrison on
Thank you. I needed a fresh new direction of this Holiday,something to bring the reality of this Great Season to Life for me ,and this video has helped do just that. Thank you again.

Submitted by Faith Gracelynn... on
Wow! Really enjoyed that. As with everyone else, please send me information on to receive a 'mezuzah ' for my doorpost as well. Thanks :)

Submitted by Steve on
I enjoyed your message.My wife and I are looking for a new home and I now plan to put a mezuzah on the door.This will not only represent my faith in God,it will also open the door to share my faith with others.Thank you.

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