June 26, 2013 - 10:35 AM

Ask Yael: What Is the Basis of the Jewish Calendar?


In this month's Ask Yael video, Yael answers Carol's great question about the Jewish calendar and the biblical basis for it.


Submitted by MFS on
You can believe what you want, but there is no need to torture the Bible to fit "facts" that have no basis in reality. God created the Earth "mature" just as He created man mature because He was not running a nursery school. An honest scientist will admit no branch of science has the proof for millions of years.

Submitted by Alan on
I fully agree to that. Science has no way to prove something that has existed millions of years. This is rubbish. They based this on evolution and its a bad theory. Their point of reference...the carbon dating is based on Charles Darwin's opinion not God's word. I don't believe I come from monkeys. I believe God created me. There is no reconciliation between these 2. Don't try to.

Submitted by Jeffro Bodine on
Another thing no scientist will willingly admit is that the process of "Carbon Dating",( the process they use to tell how old something is) is pretty inaccurate the older something is. It's a process that relies on the half-life of a carbon atom, and is very unreliable. They don't tell you this because then they'd have to admit to G-d being there the whole time they were trying to prove he wasn't. Man lived with the "Dinosaurs" that G-d created, end of story!

Submitted by Lourdes Rivera on
How can I as a Christian (Gentile) honor the Sabbath as God commands us to do?

Submitted by Maria Perez on
Sabbath is the day to rest and worship the Lord. Jesus Christ resurrected on Sunday; for that reason we Christians worship on Sunday.

Submitted by Sharon McGuire on
I haven't found a biblical verse saying to change the Sabbath...only that Paul said to gather a collection on that day and not on the day he comes to teach or preach...can you further explain this as I right now privately keep the Sabbath as the seventh day...as Christ had communion with the disciples on this night and told the disciples to do this in remembrance of him. Where does it say we no longer observe the Sabbath, God's day of rest for the Lord's Day or Sunday?

Submitted by Myrna on
Sabbath was God's appointed day of rest. Man changed it to Sunday. God did not permit Sabbath to be changed to Sunday. Who would you rather obey, man or God? Even Jesus rested on Sabbath in honor of the Sabbath, that is why He ressurected on Sunday.

Submitted by Miriam Boyd on
the sabbath is a sign between Israels GOD and his people for all generations In the book of Romans GOD says he will restore the house of David and all gentiles he has called by his name can seek him there this means unity between Jew and gentile are physically coming together to worship the GOD of Israel Let not the gentiles be ignorant of this mystery that god was never done with his own people all believers are partakers with Israel and as a believer in messiah Israels LORD you will love also the Jewish people for whom GOD calls his very own and gentiles are to provoke Israel to jealousy by

Submitted by Stephen on
Yeshua did not rise on the first day of the week (Sunday). Christians are taught in error, the sign of Jonah is a 72 hour period. Friday to Sunday, it is impossible to fit in 72 hours or 3 days and 3 nights. Christians cannot even count. Yeshua was buried Wednesday late afternoon, just before the high Sabbath, and rose 72 hours later Saturday afternoon, or just before the end of the Sabbath. If you do not have this scripture then you have scripture in error. My advice is get a better teacher and stop listening to the pagan Christian congregation.

Submitted by J V on

Submitted by Pablo desantiago on
All of us as G-d's children should recognize and celebrate these Holy days in the Hebrew calendar. Throughout the Old Testament, the Lord G-d says that these are "His" appointed days, not your (hebrew people) days. G-d has hidden things to reveal for you in His appointed days.

Submitted by cris on
Look up ucg.org and you will find info on Christians keeping the Sabbath and God's holy days.

Submitted by Thelma on
My dear friend, God is God of everyday, from the moment that you believed in the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior, you are honoring Him everyday. Now, to keep and honor the Shabbat is an OBEDIENCE to God's commandments, as it is a Law set by The Lord. Seek and honor for the Lord everyday while He can be found.

Submitted by Wesley Holder on
As for me I set aside the entire day to the worshiping of Yahweh, reading His Word, prayer, and watching Gospel productions and shows. I do no laborous work just as it says in the Scriptures. I do my best not to do anything that takes my mind off of God and I look for ways I can magnefy God in my life. If I do eat I try to perpare the day before. All the things I do are designed to keep my thoughts on worshipping the God who created me. To do so on saturday the Sabbeth only enhances everything. After all Jesus and the Deciples all kept the Sabbeth as well as the Feastdays.

Submitted by Pablo desantiago on
We all can recognize better yet celebrate the Hebrew holidays. Throughout the Old Testament G-d says that these are "My" appointed days, not neccesarily "your" (Hebrew people) days. The Lord G-d will Bless according to is "His" timing. These days throughout the year are those times

Submitted by Laurie Ann on
I liked the idea that the Hebrew people count time from the first day of completed creation. However, logic tells us that nothing was living on the earth before the sun was created because we all depend on it, even the deep sea life indirectly depends on it. The year 5773 also coincides with the biblically based theory of a young earth. Someday, at the culmination of history as we know it, I believe we will then know the details of creation. Until then, I simply express faith in Creator's complete control and the joy He took to do all of this for us. What joy! What love!

Submitted by Cynthia on
Hi,I ask since Gods 1st words were Let there be light.....why then did the sun not be created until the 4th day? What light then was there? In study of the original words ...how did God call forth the Light (what words) and the meaning of each? ty & God bless you!

Submitted by MFS on
I believe God's point in creating plant life before the sun, Laurie Ann and Cynthia, was that He did not need to sun to create light or to grow things. There are many things we think we depend on that are not really the source that supplies our needs. God's own light is enough. And that's not just a spiritual reality.

Submitted by Sue Deloach on
A few thoughts regarding "age" of the earth as revealed in Genesis: 1) As was previously mentioned, does the light on day one negate the ability for life in the scientific sense? Who was there to analyze this light in a laboratory? 2)My understanding of the Hebrew usage of the word for day 'yom' dramatically intensifies the one day (not millions of years) theory based on the sequencial numbers prior to use of yom (first day...) and the repetition of the phrase "there was morning and there was evening" used for each day. Any thoughts?

Submitted by MFS on
Strictly (anti-God) scientifically speaking, scientists are discovering that sub-atomic particles seem to be at more than one place at the same time. This is facilitated by the second dimension of time (which has been restricted by God to the sub-atomic level). Thus one second of linear time could be millions of years in the second dimension. Where starlight fits in this, I'm not sure...theoretically or realistically.

Submitted by mh on
For those who would like to understand more about observing Shabbat (the Sabbath), especially if you aren't Jewish, I recommend this book written by a good friend who lives in Jerusalem: http://www.amazon.com/Practicing-Sabbath-Community-ebook/dp/B005GFY92Y G-d bless you for caring about G-d's Holy Word and Commandments!

Submitted by Myrna on
Sabbath is God's instituted day of rest. Man particularly the Catholic Church changed it to Sunday . Even Jesus rested on Sabbath and resurrected on Sunday. If Man changed Sabbath to Sunday in defiance to God who would you rather obey and follow, Man or God? As for me and my household, we choose to follow God!

Submitted by Wendy Smith on
I recently attended a Greek Festival that was across from the Jewish Community Center. As they perform on stage the various dances Greek history and culture is explained to people unfamiliar with it. I thought this would be a wonderful way to educate people about the Jewish culture in Israel. It made me wonder why I never hear about an Israeli Festival celebration. So I looked on-line and discovered that there was a Jewish Festival the weekend before with a march for Israel. I had no idea even though I work a block away from the center, because there were no signs or advertisements for it.

Submitted by John Boulton on
I don't believe in the millions of years. I believe in the actual days told in the scriptures. What is necessary is to realize just what... or who... the Light is before the sun and moon were made. ;-)

Submitted by Norman on
I have no problem accepting that the world is less than 6.000 years old. I do disagree with the fact that the "first", "second" and "third" days", were probably millions of years old.. Why would dinosaurs have existed during those days if God only created them on the "sixth" day? Apart from that the dating of the Earth is not reliable. Personally I believe each day was of the same length i.e. 24 hours as the Bible refers to God saying ..... "there was evening and there was morning, the first day".

Submitted by MFS on
There is plenty of evidence that Christians celebrated Sunday in the first century...long before the Roman Catholic church (unless you believe the Catholic version). They celebrated the resurrection (which seems largely forgotten these days). Squabbling over the Sabbath is not what Christ did. And He didn't ask us to become Jews. Celebrate/rest as you wish.

Submitted by Alan on
Don't try to reconcile between science and the bible in this matter of creation period. Science has no way to prove something that has existed millions of years. This is rubbish. They based this on evolution and its a bad theory. Their point of reference for carbon dating is based on Charles Darwin's opinion not God's word. Darwin's theory of evolution is trying to prove that there is no God and everything happens by chance. I don't believe I come from monkeys. I believe God created us as He said in the bible.

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