January 30, 2013 - 2:48 PM

Ask Yael: Do Israelis Know About Their Widespread U.S. Support?


In this month's Ask Yael, Yael answers Robin's question, "Do the Israeli people know that there are many of us Christians here in America that truly love them and support them?"


Submitted by Eli (Elizabeth) on
There are Christians in England that love the Jewish people too, and other countries. I regularly support and stand up for you, often receiving abuse for doing so. But that does not stop me. :)) So many of us in England love you too. I want to visit Israel one day, if I can ever afford it.

Submitted by Alvaro J Molina on
I love Israel and all Jewish people because they are Gods chosen people the scripture tells us this. From genesis all the way to the Apocalypse King David father of Solomon is and as far back as Abraham the word of God tells us that will come to us in human form. He prepared the Jewish people and choose them to be born among them because he loves this people and Israel.

Submitted by Robert Kwarteng on
May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob richly bless you for standing up for the Jews.

Submitted by marlene m capatides on
Yes I love Israel and its people because I'm a christian and believe they are people of the one and true God of Israel. If I have to do anything for Israel and America I would do it for God and his people. Amen!

Submitted by Frances Haase on
I, too, am a Christian who loves Israel and the Jewish people. Full disclosure, I am not a "go to church every Sunday" Christian. I was born, raised, and educated Catholic and will never be anything else. But I do have an abiding admiration for the strength and perseverance of the Jewish people, often against insurmountable odds, both before and after the establishment of the State of Israel. I have had the pleasure of visiting Israel and hope one day to go back.

Submitted by Cyndi Smith on
That is so awesome & encouraging to hear thank you

Submitted by Volney L. Alston III on
What an inspiring message! When I was a little boy I remember my Grandmother telling me "Son always stand by Israel" and I have do so my entire life. I have written to the Prime Minister on three occasions (of course he hasn't responded) and I mentioned to him after serving in the United States Marine Corps (I got out in May 1967) I volunteered to fight for Israel.My Marine Corps obligation did not allowed to so but I have always and always will stand by Gods Chosen People.

Submitted by Keith Wilbanks on
The Israelis are stealing Palestinian land, water resources, and robbing them of their dignity. Now you want to bleed others and prey on their ignorance by pretending that Israel is the victim. Shame on you!

Submitted by Scot on
The idea of a Palestinian people is a myth Mr Keith. There has never been a Palestinian state , the Arabs were part of the Ottoman Empire until WWI . There have been 3 Jewish States in history. And now the so-called Palestinians are trying to rewrite history by claiming there never was a Jewish presence in Israel. First it was : jews out of Europe and Arab lands ; go to Israel. Now it is Jews out of Israel ! This is just more of the same age old anti-Semitism that wants to destroys all of Gods chosen people.

Submitted by Laurie on
One only need answer the question "From whom did the Romans take Jerusalem and all of Israel?" The answer according to all historians is the Jews.

Submitted by Leah on
Mr. Wilbanks .... you obviously need to study Jewish History and the Bible better! How can Israel be stealing when God is the one that gave them their land to begin with; He is the one that told Jacob that his name would now be Israel. He is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Israel) forever!!!!

Submitted by Joe Rivera on
Keith, you are very naive on your assumptions and need to educate yourself concerning Israel. All these so called Palestinians already have homes, Egypt. Lebanon, Syria, Saudi Arabia, etc. One good example on this matter would be Arafat who actually stated "Palestinians are an invented race". Arafat was born in Egypt, educated in an Egyptian university and actually served in the Egyptian army.

Submitted by JoAnn Dolberg on
Hi Keith...you have been told lies...don't believe them. I am Christian, and our intent is to show our love for the land of Israel, defending her wherever she is and helping her to see that even though her people have been through more horror than we can even imagine, they are still here and there are people who love them. We would show love to her enemies too, if they would accept it, lay down their swords and missiles and quit threatening to destroy all who do not agree with them.

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Submitted by Georgia Gallman on
The One True God promised this land to His chosen people. They are the apple of His eye; therefore, it shall be done. You might as well switch to the winning side!

Submitted by Robert on
I help with what i can, i love all of God people, and love your reports, i look foreword to them.

Submitted by Stan Ingalsbe on
I am so glad that my Jewish brothers and sisters know that American Christians support them. Praise be to our God for uniting us to know, love and serve Him.

Submitted by Barbara on
I have been searching for a church somewhere near to the south-southeastern side of Houston, (such as south of Pearland and north of Galveston), that is a Christian Church that supports Israel and is willing to stand up about it and bring us together. The denomination doesn't matter so much, if it is not drastic. I was raised as a Roman Catholic, but have been attending various denominations - from Episcopalian, Methodist, Baptist, etc., in sporatic attempts at finding a church-home that will stand up and support Israel from a Christian viewpoint.

Submitted by Be on
Rev Hagie's church has long supported Israel and His Father before him; friends with many of the leaders of Isreal since it became a State and before.....They broadcast on Celebration Station.TV

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iI am a christian that supports Israel . I belong to a full gosel church. I can tell you that ant ASSEMBLY OF GOD church most certainley supports Israel.

Submitted by JoAnn Dolberg on
Berachah Church across from Galleria Plaza...2815 Sage Road...713-622-6922

Submitted by Karen Carter on
Our family currently homeschools our four sons. During Bible class, we are reading through the Old Testament and learning about the history of Israel. Our boys are extremely interested in what is currently going on in Israel today and how it relates to Bible prophecy. We have taught them that God's word says He will bless those who bless Israel. Because of this, our boys have decided that they want to give a portion of their allowances as a donation in February to the Fellowship of Christians and Jews.

Submitted by Yael on
Karen – this message is so heart-warming and encouraging. You’re raising the next generation of Godly leaders, and I know that in this modern world that is no easy task. Please tell your children that they REALLY are making a difference, and giving hope to the hopeless through The Fellowship. How amazing that they aren’t only studying biblical word, but taking part in biblical prophecy! God bless you. And thanks to ALL of you here for your kind words and support - Yael

Submitted by randy parker on
I love your ministry because it gives me the privilege to show my support for my jewish brother and sisters because of my lord and savior yeshua

Submitted by Mark Leadingham on
Yes, we Christians of the United States, love the Jewish people of Israel very much. We will stand by you in any conflict that comes your way. It's sad that (they) are still in the thought, of the old century wars of long long ago and still hold grudges. It's time to get along with one another, but we know they will never succumb to that.

Submitted by Dave Keifer on
Are there places that Jews live that The Fellowship has not yet been able yet to enter because there are no means to be able to enter those places?


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