August 29, 2014 - 3:45 PM

Helping Ethiopian Immigrants Find Their Way in Israel


Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of the final flights of Operation Dove’s Wings, the decades-long effort to bring Ethiopian Jews who are members of the lost tribe of Dan home to Israel. While The Fellowship is thrilled to help these Jews make aliyah (immigrate to Israel), we also work with them in the years after they arrive in Israel to ensure they have the language skills, education, and vocational training necessary to become full, productive citizens of the Holy Land. 

August 29, 2014 - 2:15 PM
August 29, 2014 - 10:21 AM
August 28, 2014 - 3:04 PM

From Confusion to Gratitude


Rivka is an 80-year-old immigrant from the former Soviet Union. She lives alone in southern Isarel and has no one to take care of her. She speaks minimal Hebrew and was very confused by the constant code red sirens warning of incoming rockets during Operation Protective Edge.

There is no protected room in Rivka’s home, so she would simply sit inside and pray when an alarm sounded. Thankfully, a mobile bomb shelter was placed outside of her house, and she became much calmer once she had a place to go.

August 28, 2014 - 12:06 PM